I wanted to talk about a very touchy topic today that lead to my dark night of the soul last year.
After some great success in my business, I couldn’t help but feel like something was off.  Something needed to change.  It took me a few months to figure out what it was, but once I did i knew that I couldn’t run my business the way I was running it any longer.

Things needed to change and quickly.

Last November I decided to shut my business down until I figured out what the heck I was going to do.  I still had a full roster of clients, but I decided to turn off all my funnels and no longer accept new clients until I leaned in, prayed, and figured out what the future of my business would look like.  It was a scary time, but I knew I couldn’t keep going the way I was going.

After some quiet time and journaling, I realized that the dilemma was between the three parts of me: The high ticket coach, the digital marketer and the human being.

The High Ticket Coach

$10k months is what we all strive for right!
At least that is when we first start out. That number just grows as our business grows.
As a business & Marketing coach this was so exciting for me UNTIL IT HAPPENED.
I would be selling $10k packages for 6 months of one on one coaching. With the proper funnel I had no shortage of leads and life was wonderful.

The Digital Marketer

As a digital marketer I would make it very clear as to what is required to hit $10k every month and what type of ad budget and time investment would be required.

My clients are all brand new coaches who are eager and very ambitious just as I was when I was first starting out to hit that $10k month consistently.
I really want to focus on consistency here and not anomalies.
My mission as their coach was to support them to build sustainable online businesses not just one hit wonders.
You getting a $10k month once doesn’t equate success for me.6 Figure Business
Can you manifest the perfect client without an audience in month one or two with just simple fb group posting with compelling copy? Absolutely!
Can you reach out to your circle of friends when you first launch and get a few clients? Absolutely!
Can you hustle your buns and do some awesome attraction marketing and have an amazing month? For sure!
Can you build a sustainable business that produces predictable revenue every month this way? No way!
And so cue the human being with a mission.

The Human Being

My mission is to help coaches harness the power of the internet through marketing funnels.
For a sustainable business you must have a way to bring in cold traffic that turns into leads then prospects and then into the customer in a predictable way.
So at this point in my business the human being digital marketer was at odds with the high ticket coach because I started noticing a pattern.
A new coach would hire me, give me their hard earned savings or credit card, pay the $10k and then have very little money left for Marketing.
Once I noticed this pattern I couldn’t unsee it!
The ethical person inside of me said no, no, no…something has to change.
And I know, I know, so many of you may read this and say, oh, this is a money story, limiting belief, blah, blah, blah…no my friend, this is me, a human being with compassion noticing a pattern and choosing to do something about it.
This is called my expertise motivating my decision.
I also don’t feel it’s ethical to blame a clients mindset or “manifesting” skills for the failure of the coaches strategies.
Sometimes a negative mindset will stop you from doing the work and that’s definitely a mindset issue, but in my observation I have found that it’s usually the bogus marketing strategies being taught that aren’t effective or well executed.
The truth is you can’t pay the bills with glitter and BS marketing.
Unfortunately so many of these tactics are manipulative and hurtful.
These types of coaches aren’t building businesses but rather killing dreams and then blaming the client.
The coach is not some god like character that can’t be questioned!
If you see that, RUN!! Anyway let me not get side tracked…I have stories for days.
In this pattern I realized that the MAGIC of what I teach in my programs which is all about smooth sailing sales through marketing funnels fell on deaf ears because they were out of money to implement.
This was frustrating not only for me, but for them.
Did they get success? Absolutely.
But in all honesty, how long can your warm audience last without you brining in new eyeballs?
What I know as a digital marketer is that your ability to get leads into your business is life or death for your business.
If you are not aggressively and consistently pursuing and brining in leads into your business, your business will fail.

The Truth

You can’t build a sustainable business that produces revenue every month without a marketing funnel.
6 Figure Business TruthDon’t be fooled by the fancy pictures and branding.
I mean let’s be real…you’ve never sold a damn thing in your life with no audience and you’re gonna believe you’re gonna hit 6 figures magically in 90 days? ?.
And if you believed the lies please don’t be embarrassed either!
The lies feel soooo good! It’s totally normal! That’s why they are used in marketing.
The dream sells!
Now if you want some real strategy, for real profits to build a real business, I invite you to follow me.
No fluff over here!
I share the truth! The truth I wish someone told me 5 years ago when I jumped into this game.
Now if you want to know how this impacted my business here is the breakdown:
I don’t sell high ticket to brand new coaches anymore unless I have proof they can afford to run ads to the funnel we build together.
I have certain requirements for my high ticket offerings such as minimum monthly income, business resources, time in biz, application only, etc.
For Brand New Coaches, I created something of massive value at a price that ANYONE can afford.
That’s right!
It’s enough to get your coaching business started and making some money so that you can afford more coaching on marketing, funnels and ads.
The course has gotten great reviews and people can’t believe I made this free!
So if you’re a new coach trying to figure out your zone of genius, how to create a program that sells, how to nail your ideal client and how to get visible to get those first few clients, you’re gonna love the coaches Jumpstart!
Now if you’re ready to implement some REAL marketing strategies into you’re business I have a course called the Freedom Accelerator, that focuses on:
1. Developing your persuasion pillars and messaging so your marketing works
2. Creating a value ladder that builds your digital empire and extends the life time value of your clients and moves them through your funnels seamlessly
3. Launching your funnels and optimizing them for max profitability
4. Traffic generation – paid with fb ads and unpaid through organic techniques
5. How to set up your business and programs for scalability to grow your Digital Empire
I’m going to end this post with saying never let go of your humanity!
Always do what feels good to you.
If it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it.  It won’t work as well as something that does feel good.
There are many ways to hit $10k or more in your business.
I have no issues hitting my revenue goals now that I’ve restructured my business and how I work with clients at different levels.
The best part is that it feels AMAZING!
The most important thing is that you remain ethical, kind and human.
These things money can never buy but rather reveal.