When it comes to freelancing and starting your own business, the most pressing question people ask me is – HOW can I get clients?? It’s a fair question, and an important one. Without them, your coaching business won’t progress. Let me dive into a couple of tips on where to find your audience.

Cold Pitching

Of course, if you’re a hustler you can cold pitch to potential clients or businesses to work together. You can build your relationships that way if you are comfortable doing that. With this kind of aggressive sales pitch, sometimes it takes quite a few tries before landing a discovery call or being able to put together a proposal.

Social Media

Social Media nowadays can be a powerful tool. It allows you to show up in front of many people around the world. For those who don’t feel as comfortable cold pitching outright, you can use your platforms to show up every day and talk to your audience.


Whether you decide to use your platforms or cold pitch, you always need to have some sort of funnel in place. I teach more about these three funnels in my Freedom Accelerator course, but for now, I will just run through them. When you’re setting up online, you should have an application funnel if you’re looking to book discovery calls with potential clients, and a high ticket application funnel if you’re offering one on one client coaching. The second funnel you want is for a webinar. This funnel also works amazing for discovery calls as it pulls them in and gives a feel of what you do and how you can serve them. The third is called a slow funnel, which is a self-liquidating offer.

You spend money on ads, and can potentially make a profit off that $47 mini course or an ebook. A while back, I launched three slow funnels and generated around $15,000 in revenue. I only spent around $2,000 for advertising and it helped me grow my email list, book calls with potential clients and it’s amazing because it now costs me nothing to achieve.

Clients cost me nothing and they’re coming to me. I’m not chasing them. I have done this over and over again, And it’s brilliant because if it costs you nothing to get a client, you’re going to beat the competition. If they’re paying, let’s say, $250 for a sales call and you’re paying nothing, that means that you can spend a lot of money on ads spend in terms giving it out, but you’re recouping it, which means you can reinvest it, right? And we invest it and reinvest it again. That is how you scale and is why I’m so passionate about that type of funnel.

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