Does your business dream feel like a far off hope that maybe one day, some day it will happen? Are you sick of feeling afraid that it never will?

I know what it feels like to be stuck in fear, self-doubt and the endless what if’s.

I know what it’s like to look at your child and realize that unless you do something NOW you won’t be able to provide and create an amazing life for your family

Ways to work with me:

I like to kick off my 1:1 coaching with a private intensive session, we will dive deep and create a plan for you to go full throttle in your business and really focus on those specific items that are holding you back, slowing you down and keeping you stuck so that you can:

  • Get clarity, take focused action to build momentum and stay consistent so you can get clients
  • Know EXACTLY what to do each day so you can create a schedule of freedom in your business and life and still produce profitable results
  • Master your messaging and copywriting so you can turn the heads of your ideal clients and stop the dreaded client chase

Just think…In one 2.5 hour session, you can achieve more progress toward your business goals than you can in a 2 or 3 month period on your own! What I love about working in an intensive is how much can change in such little time.

This private intensive is designed for entrepreneurs who desire results quickly and don’t want to wait for them to happen.

We can cover:

  • Clarity, Vision and Message
  • Online Visibility Strategy that Works for YOU
  • Visibility Mindset Practice for Rock Solid Confidence
  • Defining your Unique Hook and Ideal Client
  • Business Financial Planning so you make the money you want
  • Community engagement & relationship building to get booked solid
  • Nurturing and growing your audience
  • Discovery call management and client tracking
  • Mastering your Sales Conversation
  • Building momentum for optimal results
  • Building your email list and creating lead magnets
  • Create profit clarity, packages and pricing
  • Online marketing & branding (includes visual identity review, social media, FB ads, blogging, etc)
  • Vision & Growth Planning to scale your business to fit your life
  • Copywriting mastery & content production
  • Program creation so you’re confident selling
  • Organic Marketing, Facebook Ads & sales funnels
  • Passive income opportunities

Your success is on the other side of this decision.

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Digital Empire Builders

A mentorship program for the woman ready to stop waiting and go hard after her dream business.

You stay up at night wondering, praying, and hoping that one day your dream business will be a reality.

You believe in your ability to help others transform but you’re terrified that your inability to stay focused and consistent will keep you stuck forever.

You see other online service providers succeeding and you know what’s possible for you if only you can get it together, know exactly what to do each day and build some momentum in your business.    You are tired of being stuck in fear, self-doubt and always questioning if you really got what it takes to create the freedom based business of your dreams and you are ready to boldly declare that you will and believe it 150%. No questions asked! Watching my clients transform into their inner Boss CEO and taking ownership of their business gets me so excited and inspired to keep doing what I’m doing! Truly what an honor!

Are you ready to:

  • Get clarity, focus, momentum and clients consistently
  • Create structures that will give your business the support it needs to give you flexibility to be there for your family while still making great money and creating an impact
  • Stop the client chase by getting visible and building a tribe of raving fans ready and excited to work with you
  • Kick fear, self-doubt and inadequacy in the face and get to work to produce results today

If so, I know EXACTLY how you feel!

When I first started my business I was so wrapped up in fears and self-doubt that I was spinning and spinning my wheels and getting nowhere!!  I took all the courses, focused on manifesting, prayed a ton, subscribed to every opt-in that I could find, did the work and still got no results!

I was stuck and I couldn’t break free alone.

I was done waiting!

I made the choice to invest in myself and in my business so I can make the necessary mindset shifts and get help from a no nonsense coach who was DOING IT, was willing to SMACK me down when I needed it, and give me EVERY TOOL I needed to get to my dream business off the ground.

But here’s the catch….

It’s NOT magic. There is no magic pill. You need to be ready to do the work.   You need grit.   You need the right coach mentoring you in the right direction.   I am not a get rich quick type of coach, I’m a truth telling, no excuses type of coach that will tell you exactly what you need to be doing, lead and direct you, support and encourage you, and help you develop a step by step plan to get you to where you want to be.   I also am known to give a loving Brooklyn “Oh no, girlfriend” when needed. I did what I had to do to create the life I desired for me and my family. Never have I regretted believing in myself and investing in my dream. What about you?

If you want to create a thriving online business – Angelica is the coach to take you from not having a clue to what to do to creating a solid foundation for your biz. She is packed full of strategy that will take your business to the next level as well as a loving no BS way of calling you out when you are stuck in self-sabotage. Angelica is a high level coach you definitely want on your team!!
Chelsea Roehl

Intuitive Health Coach

If you need help creating an online business from the ground up Angelica is your girl! She is a classy Lady Boss who knows business, online marketing and branding. She gives you the encouragement you need to keep going and tells it as it is. Not Kidding, she made me mad a few times but it was what I needed to hear to leap frog my business, and boy was she right! My business and online presence including my beautiful photos and website would be where it is today if it weren’t for her coaching, her honest and focused guidance and her photography/design team.
Stefania Cesi

Personal Stylist & Image Coach

It’s Totally Possible to:

Have the freedom you have been dreaming about to cuddle your babies any time of day. Design your business to accommodate your lifestyle, family and schedule while working with clients you adore. Have confidence and clarity around the direction of your business and your ability to create results. Learn how to spend your time each day in order to stop the client chase and ditch overwhelm. Create the financial freedom for yourself and your family so money is never an issue in pursuing what you want or taking that Oh so needed vacation.

Your success is on the other side of this decision.

or Book a discovery call with me

In just two phone conversations with Angelica she helped me become clear on so many topics such as what my message is, who my target audience is, as well as structures and systems to put in place. She gave me some fun challenges to start getting myself visible right away, she gave me so many tools tips and ideas. She was also able to ask me powerful questions to find my own answers to questions I had. If you haven’t gotten on the phone with Angelica yet I highly recommend it. She is a powerhouse of information and can help you get visible, get clients, and be clear on your message. I’m super excited to work with her!
Shelley Craig

Business & Lifestyle Coach