There are some people out there that do not understand how powerful Marketing funnels can be for your business.
That is why I decided to do a case study on myself for the month of August to test whether or not a simple funnel could lead to passive income.
To first start, I created a simple funnel that included:
  • Landing page
  • Free offer
  • Thank you page
  • 2 emails that sell a $37 e-book bundle

I just wanted to test the viability through the email sequences, so I hadn’t yet even made a thank you page or a high-ticket offer. This was my first result through Swipe on Aug. 19th :

I had made $370 dollars just off of that ALONE. How cool is that?!
The point of my case study is to show that these marketing funnels DO work, and if I can show the receipts to you, you know I am not just blowing smoke. I was getting excited to see how the rest of the month would go.
Aug 23rd: About a week had gone by since I’d started up my simple funnel.
By then I had finished my thank you and offer pages, and realized as the week went on, I had accumulated around $1,500 dollars. Not bad for a few emails and an e-book:
Aug 31st: I went ahead and upped my eBook to $47 instead of the $37 I had been previously marketing.
I was also going through a lot off health and pain issues during this time, so I wasn’t doing anything business related until I was feeling better. The results from this past week were as follows:
I feel at this point I should share my other statistics with you as well from this funnel :
? Grown my list by 368
? Sold other e-courses
? Booked 12 discovery calls off of this funnel alone
? Closed an extra $7267 in business just from this funnel alone
? Created interest in my funnel course launching later this month with people ready to buy
? Ad spend on just this funnel $1147. This would be even lower if I wasn’t in bed so much these past two weeks and optimizing more.
This was TWO WEEKS of this funnel being live. Not six months or a year. TWO. WEEKS. This funnel alone brought me into a $10K month. Imagine what a more complex funnel could do for me and you?
September 15th was my final day tracking this funnel. It had been live for about one month and these were my ending statistics:
You better believe I will be optimizing this even more in the future.
* Email list growth 724
* Ad spend $2250
* Revenue in hand $10,750 (the pic attached is just from stripe).
* Revenue booked $16k
If you are ready for consistent leads and clients in your coaching, consulting or mlm business I invite you to join Freedom Accelerator where I will be teaching 3 different funnels which we will customize to your business.
I hope my case study shows that it is a PROVEN method that can help you hack your business even further just by setting up a well-thought funnel.

Let me know what you thought of this, and if you’re interested in working with me, send me an email to chat, no pressure!