Hi, I’m Angelica Rozewicz

(pronounced Rose-e-wits)  

The Online Business Strategist & Coach who helps new coaches, consultants and mentors design a business strategy to get visible online and finally stop the dreaded client chase.

I spend my days talking to amazing women about their business goals, building strategies to make those goals happen and then sitting back and watching the clients I love create amazing results that impact their world in powerful ways (pretty cool, right!?)

This work inspires me daily…

I love supporting ambitious women to be powerful co-creators and DO LIFE instead of letting life happen to them.  You don’t have to accept things as they are.  You have the power to change your reality TODAY!  If you want a business that allows you to be free to be home with your family then let’s create it.


10 years in the online marketing industry…

and successfully helping build several multimillion-dollar online start ups has prepared me for the work I do today.  I am amazing at listening and pulling out your genius.  A natural wordsmith and divinely gifted in marketing and strategy makes my role in supporting you even sweeter.  And running my own branding and marketing agency with my graphic designer hubby doesn’t hurt either.


Much like a designer solves problems with skill and creativity…

I help women all over the world get visible online and create thriving businesses that fulfil their passions and allows them to live life on their terms with my 1 on 1 mentorship program, Blossom. I give female entrepreneurs focused actionable guidance to help them blossom into powerhouse Boss CEO’s to make their impact and the money they want…minus the overwhelm.

Before I started working with Angelica, I was hustling like crazy to get visible with my online coaching business, trying every strategy I heard about with very little traction. This all left me feeling really overwhelmed and confused about how to bring in paying clients. Angelica helped me get clear on my message and take consistent action, instead of running around in circles. She helped me feel so much more grounded and confident in my visibility efforts and I feel I’ve grown leaps and bounds during the short time we’ve worked together. I can honestly say I got way more than I paid for – she has no problem over-delivering for her clients. If it wasn’t for her, I would still be frazzled and frustrated. Instead, I feel like an amazing lady boss who’s in charge of her business.

Hanna Saar

Mindset & Confidence Coach

♦ Do you have a business dream and plan for your family but you lack the clarity on how to make it happen?


♦ Is what you’re doing in your business feeling unaligned, inauthentic and not like you? Kinda Ineffective?


♦ You don’t want to let another day let alone another year go by without producing results in your business.


♦ You need someone to help you focus and take action that produces results today.

That is exactly what I do, my friend.

To learn more about my mentorship program, Blossom, click here

I believe that anything is possible if you’re willing to work for it, and I’m on a mission to show women that if they believe and are willing to get to work their dream business will happen.  There is NO reason on God’s green earth that you can’t have a business you love and get paid generously for fulfilling your passion.

Even in between nursing, diaper changes and dinners cooked.  Ultimately, I want to live in a world where women feel free to be the creators of the reality they live in.  If you don’t want to work in an office or you want to be home but still make a nice living, you can!  I did it, now let me show you how.

My journey to being my own boss began with getting verbally abused by my boss, getting married to the love of my life, the decision to move to a new country, and the birth of my Son, Benjamin. At the time I felt fearful, insecure, and completely lost on my purpose and what to do.

My big breakthrough was one morning when I was nursing my newborn son, he was about 4 weeks old, and I realized that the one thing I wanted to teach him was to follow his dreams and that he can become anything he dreams up.  

After many tears, I realized that I needed to transform who I was being and follow my dreams first! I am now leaving my son a legacy of what is possible when you follow your dreams, show up everyday like a boss and do the work. Because of this experience, I am now committed to helping women all around the world create a legacy of hope and success for their families by stepping out into whats possible and taking action.

When I’m not transforming businesses, you can find me buying fancy cheeses, drinking tea from my fancy tea cups (a la Downton Abbey style) or singing my heart out at church. I also have an unhealthy obsession with homesteading, growing my own food and diamonds.  I can daydream about jewelry all day (oh my poor hubby!).

Angelica is THE BOMB! She will get you moving from wherever you are to where you want to be in your business. When we started working together in December, I really had no idea where I was headed, but after a discovery session, I knew that Angelica knew exactly how and where to guide me. We worked on my mindset and mapped out a plan. With Angelica’s guidance, I have been published twice in an online magazine and I am creating a Facebook group for my community and I have created my 12-week Thrive Coaching Program. My vision for my business is becoming more clear with every session! I appreciate that she is the real deal and works with heart and integrity. I highly recommend Angelica.

Gina Brogan

Second Act Life Coach

Life is crazy but God is faithful. I love it!