There is a perception that the online business world is still pretty new. And that investing in your online business is risky when compared to the traditional model of a brick and mortar business.

But is that really true?

In my experience, it absolutely isn’t. The opposite is actually the case. In an online business, the barrier to entry is so low, anyone can start a business and quickly see a return on their investment. That is one of the blessings of starting an online business versus a brick and mortar one.

Brick and Mortar Business- a Real World Example

I was talking with my hairdresser about her business, asking her how things were going. I’m always asking people about their business and their online strategies to see what they’re doing. I ended up asking her about when she planned to take some time off. I’d noticed she was always working. She replied that her CPA says she can’t take time off for at least another year. And I was shocked.

It turns out when you start a brick and mortar business with a business loan it has to be paid back in five years. My hairdresser had been running her business for four years. So, she’s been waiting until year five to have enough room financially to take a few days off. And it won’t be until year five that she will see a profit for herself.

First of all, I am so impressed by this woman. She loves her business and she loves what she is doing. She is a woman in her second act of life and in the last few years she started this hair salon.Benefit of an Online business She took out a loan, she has the place, the overhead, the bills due every month and she can’t take time off or see a profit for herself for another year. Talk about dedication!

The Blessings of an Online Business

My hairdresser’s story made me realize, if you’re in the online business space you are a blessed lady. We’re so blessed in the online business space because we can see a return on our investments so quickly when compared to a brick and mortar business.

Even if you hire a more expensive business coach, in the $10,000 to $20,000 range and you invest a $1000 every month in advertising, you can see that money back in a few months, if not sooner depending on where you are in your business.

I’m just so grateful. I love brick and mortar businesses. I love what they do. But we are truly the blessed entrepreneurs in the online space.

You Can’t Have a Business Without Investing

Think about where you are in your business. What have you done? What have you created with your business? Starting your own online business is amazing.

Be grateful for how far you’ve come.

And if you’re resistant to investing in your business, you need to realize that’s the only way to do business!
You have to invest! Whether it’s investing in advertising, getting a mentor, or getting support for your team so you’re more consistent and can implement better, just do it.
Whatever you need to do to succeed, do it! Of course, do it with strategy and wise decision making. But do it.

You can’t have a business without investing.

Be in Gratitude

How long have you been working on your business?
Has it been five years and you haven’t seen a profit or taken time off? Five years where you’ve just been investing and investing?
If you’re in the online business space, that just doesn’t happen. And we’re just so blessed for that.

I urge you to be in gratitude that your barrier to entry is so much smaller in an online business.

No, it’s not free.

But it’s a much smaller investment than a brick and mortar business. We are truly the blessed ones as online entrepreneurs.


What is one way you can invest more in your online business? What’s holding you back?
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