Having goals for your business is an important factor of your growth and business planning. In this post I am going to help you take steps into determining your goals, as well as building systems and structures that will support you.

Determine Your Goals:

If you’re completely new and you just finished some coaching or you just decided to turn your expertise and your passion into a coaching consulting business, you have to start with some of your goals.  What kind of goal? You have to be able to answer the following question to determine your goals; how are you going to serve your ideal clients?

Getting clarity on how you’re best positioned to serve them and then creating a program around that could be an excellent goal.  If you’ve been in business and you have a program and perhaps you’re struggling to sell seats, or you’re struggling to gain visibility so that you can attract clients, your goal for goal would be to put in a lead generation strategy or grow your email list or learn how to do facebook ads. It all depends on where you are in your business. We should always be having goals in our business no matter what stage of business where at.  If you don’t have a goal, then you’re sure to miss the target. but if you have a goal, then you’re sure to hit something. It might not be the bullseye, but at least you’ll hit something and that will be because of you having a goal.

Types of Goals:

Getting your first paying client or getting consistent clients – For this you can implement a strategy where you can get clients consistently.  If you are new and just starting your business, I recommend getting the foundations of your business together first. The basic foundations for you to launch your business would be knowing who your ideal client is, who you’re best position to serve through your program, having your brand messaging ready to go so that you can turn heads with your marketing when you’re ready to start publicizing your business.

The next phase would be lead generation.  You need to be growing your list and getting in front of people.  Webinars are great for the client attraction part of your business.   You might need to learn facebook ads, or how to do a Webinar if you’ve never done one.  You might also need to put together an email sequence and learn all of the technology behind that, which leads this conversation perfectly to the second part of what I’m going to talk about today, your system and structures.

Systems and Structures that you may need:

If your plan is to launch your business by the end of the year, what systems and structures do you need in place?  If you’re going to be a booking calls and booking clients, you need:

  • Payment processor – (paypal or stripe)
  • Contract – having that contract in place would be excellent to protect you as well as your client so that everyone is aware of what’s expected in the coaching relationship.
  • Calendar – (I recommend acuity)
  • Website – You don’t really need a website, but you can do a one page splash page that introduces you and shares little bit about what you do.  Although a website does build credibility, it’s really not one of the foundation pieces that you need immediately unless you’re a business coach teaching people how to build websites and teaching people to have an online presence.  In this case, you would absolutely need a website.
  • Membership site – If you’re doing group coaching, a membership site would be idea and necessary.  There are a lot of great options available to you and you will need to learn the technology behind it as well for each of those platforms.  
  • Sales Page – For those of you who are life coaches, health coaches or anything similar to that, you can put a lead page together through Leadpages and just have one sales page.  It’s fairly simple to do and you can have it done in just a few hours.

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Stay tuned for day 4!  We will be focusing on strategy and execution.  If you need additional support and you would like to take advantage of the FREE Coaches Jumpstart training, be sure to enroll in it.  It’s only free for a limited time and has tons of value to get your business started!