What do you do when staying at your 9-5 is not longer an option? I’ve been there. I totally get it.
There comes a day when we all get to a crossroads when we realize I CAN’T DO THIS ANOTHER DAY LONGER.

What do you do? Well in all honesty, I’m sure in the back of your mind you already know.
You just need to build up the courage to go after it. Has entrepreneurship taken seed in your heart?

Whether it’s creating an online E-course you have secretly desired to create for the last 2 years. I know, I know. I purchased a simple course, found out the creator has a multi-6 figure business and you say to yourself “hey, why can’t I do this?” (this by the way was the beginning of my journey to entrepreneurship).

Another option is fully immersing yourself in writing the blog that’s burning in your heart and finding ways to monetize your content.

Or you may be looking for ways to turn your expertise into a consulting or coaching business where you CHOOSE when, where and with whom you work.

So How Do You Get Started?

To be successful in entrepreneurship you MUST believe that you can and that you will. If you have a self defeating attitude or a I’m not good enough to succeed mentality you will have a very difficult time getting started and getting traction. This was my biggest struggle and it’s one thing I’m so passionate about teaching. I had to kick my fear, self doubt and insecurities to the curb and get into action!

Next step is to get clarity on what you want to do, how, and who you will serve.
How much money do you need to make a month to live your life?
What offers can you create to make that profit goal?
How many clients do you need to hit your revenue goals?

Once you know that, you create a simple business plan where you reverse engineer what you need to do to get there.

The next step would be to LET TIME DO ITS THING and trust everything is working out to bring your desires to pass!

Your job is to execute, stay positive, serve your community, grow your community, and NEVER GIVE UP!
Oh yes, and pitch regularly!! Don’t forget that.
Far too many times wanna be entrepreneurs give up because they compare their beginning to someone else’s middle or end. DON’T DO IT!!

Anyone that you admire, started at ZERO! Just like you. Just like me.

Just a year ago, I had no website, no list, no optin, no following, no facebook, no ecourse, no ideas, no content, no direction, nothing BUT A DREAM. And Ditch 9 to 5 and Start Entrepreneurshipthe BIGGEST COMMITMENT to making my dream a reality. Entrepreneurship was the only option I wanted. It was in my blood. There was NOTHING that was going to stop me.

It would be insane for me to compare myself to someone making multi-six figures and beat myself up about it if I’m still working my way up to make my first 6 figure. It would be a dis-service to you too.
Because it would get me stuck, low vibe, and just miserable. And I’ve been in that place and I promised myself never to go back.

I choose commitment to my progress, success and desire to serve YOU, my tribe.

What are you committed to?

Do you really want to ditch your 9-5? Do you really want a sustainable multi 5 or 6 figure business so you can be home with your kids? Do you really want to impact other lives through your business?

I know you know deep inside what you really want.

Comment below and share with me what you’re doing about it?

What are you doing to go after your dream?

I want you to focus on what you are doing not on what you are not doing. Let’s celebrate even the smallest actions or even intentions.

From there, we build.

I look forward to hearing from you!