Building a business isn’t easy. No matter how successful your business becomes, there will be tough days.
Days where you lose money, days where you can’t find clients or your sales funnel isn’t working. There will also be great days, where it seems like all your dreams are coming to fruition.
But how do you get through the tough days? What is the one thing you need to succeed in building your business? The one thing that will carry you through even on the worst days? As simple as it sounds, it’s your “WHY”.

Finding Your “Why”

Why are you starting a coaching business?
The obvious answer for why you start a business is to make money. But I am here to tell you from my own experience money isn’t enough. When you have tough days and your business isn’t going the way you planned if money is all that motivates you, you will give up.

If money is your only “WHY” then the truth is it might be easier to get a regular job.

Why Did I Choose to become an Entrepreneur?

With my marketing and business background, I could easily find a high-paying job in an office. And the truth is sometimes it might be an easier road.

But I chose to become an entrepreneur instead. And my “why” is the reason I made that choice.

I love the freedom of entrepreneurship. Physical freedom is important to me because I go nuts in a cubicle. But there is more to it than that.
Having my own successful coaching business allows me to have freedom in how and where I spend my time. Freedom of Entrepreneurship

My husband and I have the freedom to choose where we live.

With his family in Honduras, this allows us to move back and forth freely between Honduras and the US, a luxury no regular job would allow us. Location independent work is the way the world is moving and entrepreneurs are a big part of that.

A Deeper Reason Why

The freedom of having my own business is only part of the reason I chose entrepreneurship. The deeper reason for my choice is the legacy I want to leave for my children.

I want to leave a legacy for my boys that their mom went after her dreams fearlessly.

Children see everything that we do. They are always watching and learning from the example we set as their parents. I want my children to see that Mommy and Daddy trusted God to provide for our family every month. And to see the wealth that resulted from that trust just by us providing value and helping people solve their problems.

I want my children to see how their parents prayed and were able to overcome the challenges they faced in life and in business.

The legacy I want to leave my children is my “WHY”. And it’s what gets me through even the toughest days in my business.

What’s Your “Why”?

Starting a business is never easy. If any online coach or consultant or anyone else says that it is, they are lying.

It can be easier. Working with a business coach that has a business model you like and knows what they’re doing can help shorten the learning curve. But the work is still going to have to come from you. And it will be hard work.

You need to know what your “why” is for starting your business.
It’s your “why” that will keep you going on the difficult days.

So, why are you building your business?

Is it that you feel entrepreneurship is your calling?
Is it the freedom? Freedom to spend your time where and how you choose, allowing you to focus on family?
Do you never want to go back to corporate America?
Or is it about your children? A legacy you want to leave for them? Other reasons?

Think about your “WHY”. And write it down somewhere.
Somewhere you can come back to it over and over again when you need something to keep you moving forward towards your dreams for your life and your business.

If you’d like to share your “why” in the comments, I would love to read it.