If we are friends on Social Media then you know that I’ve been through hell and back with my back the last 3 weeks!  I was stuck in bed not able to walk due to a back strain for the last 2 weeks.  Thank God today I’m feeling much better and can move around on my own!!!

Have you ever been incapacitated in your life?

It doesn’t have to be because of something physical. Maybe its emotional? Heartbreak? (been there)  Depression? (been there too)  Anxiety? (Been there too).

It’s a very hard place to be in and I wouldn’t want to wish it on any one of you.

But God forbid something happened, could your business survive and still make money if you couldn’t walk or get out of bed?

I know that as an entrepreneur we are all passionate about what we do.  It’s why we went into business in the first place, right?!

I’m a firm firm firm believe that God never wastes a hardship and that our trials are there to make us better for HIM and for those we are called to love and serve in life and business.

If you thought I was passionate about funnels and digital marketing before and creating freedom for yourself through business, you haven’t seen nothing yet!!

The fact that I couldn’t walk or sit for much of the last 2.5 weeks and still was able to bring in money as given me such a profound love of funnels that I’m emboldened and on fire to get everyone in my community to build a funnel for their business.

I’ve been building a case study of a simple $47 product funnel that I launched 2.5 weeks ago right before my back really went out that has brought in $15k in business as of today, $8k of which has been collected!   The business it’s brought in is a mixture of the product sales, course sales, 1 on 1 coaching and consulting.

1 funnel had a big reach and depth because it will get you visible!

THAT is the power of a funnel.

Product Sales FunnelI don’t share this to brag, but to bring you hope.  (this isn’t even a fancy funnel…I built it as simply as possible to prove a point.).  I even broke some marketing rules.

If you are struggling to:

  • Book Clients into 1 on 1 coaching or consulting
  • Sell Courses/Products
  • Build your MLM team
  • Develop an audience
  • Grow your email list
Then a funnel is your answer.

No more posting in facebook groups or fruitful-less content marketing that doesn’t move the needle in your business.

Now I’m sharing all of this because I’ve been working on a super awesome offer for my people that will NOT break the bank.  I know that not everyone can afford to invest $10k to learn how to build a funnel.

This offer will be under $1000 so you don’t want to miss out!! There is NOTHING like this on the market because nobody is willing to spill the beans on funnels for under $10k!

That is why next week I am launching my Freedom Accelerator program 2.0.

There will be special limited early bird bonuses JUST for my people in my community because you’re special to me and I appreciate you.  I’ve actually already sold 6 seats so for one bonus of one on one Voxer access to me for the 90 days there are only 4 spots left!

To get notified of the private open cart with the special bonuses please join the wait list.  

Thank you to all of you that have prayed for me, sent me flowers, sent me messages!
I am so thankful for you!! I am thankful for better health!! I am thankful for funnels because I can still pay my bills!

I know that once you feel the power you will be thankful too.

As Russel Brunson says, You’re only ONE funnel away….