Have you ever had the gripping fear of letting your 9-5 go in order to build out your business? I bet you have – most people do. But, what if I could tell you it was simple to replace your income within a month, and maybe make even more? Do I have your attention? Awesome. Let me break down some steps to building that business from 0-100 real quick.

The first thing you want to do is to sit down and figure out your bare minimum amount that you need in order to survive. You have a mortgage or rent to pay, car payments, you get the picture. Figure out that sweet number. Let’s pretend I need $50,000 this month in order to meet my bills. So how would I go about doing that? I’d start off with thinking about what I’m good at. One of my biggest skillsets is being great at marketing.

The easiest things to sell off the bat are one on one coaching, as well as done for you services. I teach all my clients to start off selling one on one coaching or done for you services. You don’t need money for ads or to invent a lot of money at the start. The next thing I want to think about is the number of $5,000 packages I can sell to hit my mark. What will that offer be like? I want to sit down and write out my offer in detail and then I will do competitor research. How are they selling this? I’m a big believer in modeling those that are successful already and not reinventing the wheel. It’s why I love funnel hacking.

Once I have an idea of how I want to sell my offer, I need to start building relationships and growing my email list. Since I have to make $50,000 in thirty days, I need to get my hustle on.

Every day for about one to two hours, I am getting into facebook groups and networking and building lasting relationships with people. I am providing value for free in these groups, whether it is an infographic on marketing hacks, or doing a facebook live to allow others to get to know me, I am doing my best to hustle to grow these potential client relationships for the first two weeks.

While you’re growing your connections on facebook daily, you also want to set up your sales funnel and simple application page. Once you have that in motion, you can continue providing value in these groups with facebook lives about owning your area of expertise and really being confident in what you know.

Now that we’re in week three, you really want to start working on those warm leads you’ve gathered over the past few weeks. By now, you should have some rapport with your audience in groups or the email list you’ve built. You can start promoting some of your smaller offers, such as a small priced ebook or a free webinar class they can sign up into. Inside your opt-in, you want to make sure you’re ending your book or webinar trying to land a discovery call with these potential clients. They know you and your story, and now you gave them a bigger piece of value to work with. Using those warm leads, your next goal is to land. these. calls.

My goal is to hit $50,000 by the end of the month, right? That means I only need ten people to sign up for my $5,000 program/course/offer in order to meet that. Hopefully with all of those leads you made through out the month, you have people watching that webinar. From there, let’s say two people paid in full – you’re already at $10,000. Boom. Take some of that money, and invest that into Facebook ads.

Investing some of that profit into ads creates even more leads because of the reach it allows. That ad you posted is driving your new audience to that opt-in and, hopefully, to booking that call with you. You can look at the analytics of the ad to see just how well it’s working, and tweak it until you found the right secret sauce. You want to up the ad price the better it does, because once this funnel is in place, you can reuse it for this offer as long as you feel like offering it. It becomes automated (cue the angels singing in heaven.

Through these ads, I can start to run my traffic, reinvesting the money into my funnel, getting people to look at my opt-in, booking calls, and then scaling it. As soon as the ads are working and I’m liking my cost per lead, I’m going to pour more money into the ads. Pretty soon, I just made $50,000. You could already start a waitlist for your one on one program, or launch a mastermind because you can’t take on any more one on one clients.

There you have it, folks. It isn’t very glamorous at first, getting that hustle on. But, once you create your first offer and set up a nice funnel for it, after the initial hustle, you can automate it and allow it to do the bulk of the work for you, allowing you to focus on scaling other parts of your business – such as another program or course, a freebie, whatever you feel you’re called to do.

How to Make Sales in the Next 30 Days