In order to come up with pricing your packages and services, you want to make sure you have your ideal client in mind. Many times, I am asked “What should I price this product/package?”

The answer is – whatever you want! If you have a lower-end pricing for a
package, you could eventually scale that to serve more people (think, multiple launches per year.

If you’re looking to serve a client with a higher-end 1:1 program, you know you already need to be focusing on clients who can afford that type of service. You may also be someone who’s thinking “I don’t even know who my ideal client is! How can I think about them while pricing these services?” Try to think of these three questions to ask yourself:

Who do you want to serve?
The answer here is your target market. Maybe you’re someone appealing to
entrepreneurs, or SAHM’s. Whoever your target is, that’s who you’re trying to serve.

Do they have the funds?
Stay at home Mama’s may not be the best candidate to pay for premium 1:1
coaching or high-end packages. That would be a great market for a lower-end and scalable package. Entrepreneurs may have the funds available to pay you, but will they? Think about that on the next point.

Am I solving their problem to the point that they would pay me to do so?

Just because they have the funds does not mean that they will just pay you. Your value has to resonate with them to the point it’s a no brainer. You would not offer an entrepreneur a masterclass on how to make their own baby food. But if you offered an entrepreneur a class on how to sell and scale baby food, they may be more inclined to go through with the sale.

At the end of the day, you know what you’re looking for. Pricing is a touchy
subject because many new business owners and entrepreneurs suffer from

The ideal client WILL come to you and WILL want to work with you. It’s as
painfully simple as that.

If you know you have a great service to offer and want to put a package together, let me brain storm that idea with you with a strategy call.

Schedule one by clicking here. I’d be happy to help you keep moving forward on this journey!